After the success of “Rock Tasting”, presents yet another “tasting” event: “Metal Tasting” on May 24th 2011 at El’s Pub – Byblos.

The concept is similar to the wine tasting: we start by playing metal tracks chosen by the DJ, most probably unknown tracks which are highly rated by reviewers, not by media.

If the crowd likes the track, the DJ will keep it running; if not, there will be flags on the table and when five flags are raised signaling a dislike of the track, the DJ will change it!


Also on the table there will be “sticky notes” to request tracks from the DJ.

The event doesn’t end here > at least 2 guitarists will be metal-jamming!

Confirmed jammers are:

Nader Nader
Fadi BK

Event charge: 5$

Regular Beer: 5000 L.L.

Mexican Beer: 6000 L.L.