The second round of Global Battle of the Bands Lebanon Challenge 2011! With a whopping 26 bands participating, this is the 2nd qualifier round!

What band will make it to the semi-final?

  • Date / Time

Saturday May 21st at 8:00 PM.

  • Location

Nova Pub – Sin el Fil.

  • Created By

Rock Ring (Rockring) Lebanon.

  • Event Fees

10$ including 1 beer and 1 vote slip (tickets at the door).

  • Bands


Victorious Secret (Nemr Abou Nassar’s band, stand up comedy pioneer of the Middle East)

Mancer Dust

  • Event plan

The bands will play 2 rounds:

In Round 1:

– Each band will play 8 minutes.
– The jury will put their scores.
– The audience will get to vote a 10% of the total result ratio.
– Combined scores will decide what bands will make it to round 2.

The audience will vote on location using a unique serial number they get with their ticket, voting is done using mobile phones through a wifi network that will display the voting page, or a computer station for those without wifi on their phones.

In Round 2:

– Each band will play 1 song.
– The jury will put down their final results.
– The winner band will get promoted to the National Semi-Final.

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