May 23rd 2011: Extreme metallers, Benevolent, have announced on the bands official Facebook page that they will be returning to the studio on the 27th of May to begin tracking two new tracks which will be released as a special “Summer” single. The single will be the band’s first studio follow up to the debut album titled Divided, which was tremendously received across the Middle East, USA, Europe, Japan, and more…earning the band the designation of “The Best Metal Band of the Middle East for 2010” by Jorzine.

The band will once again work with Sajid “Sarj” Masood, recording the new tracks at Sarj’s Studio, which has become one of the Middle East’s most recognizable studios for recording rock/metal artists.

Hadi Sarieddine, the band’s co-founder, describes the new songs as “heavier, more progressive, and more detailed” than the bands songs on the album Divided, “This time around, I’ve made a conscious effort to take the music in a more progressive direction; it’s always more interesting when the song has more twists and turns, and just feels like it’s taking the listener through a journey”

Fadi Sarieddine, the band’s co-founder and lead vocalist stated, “The song is definitely the fastest and heaviest tune we’ve done; it’s got a mixture of feelings and also has its melodic bits scattered around. Though I would say that it sets itself as an atonal tune for the most part”

The summer single will include one song, and an instrumental. “The instrumental’s been in my mind for the longest time, I’ve had the title for it and the overall IDEA mapped out from way back but I’ve only just managed to translate those ideas into a musical piece and I’m really excited about it! It’s a bit mathematical but is shaped up very melodically” said Hadi Sarieddine.

The band has not announced a release date for the single yet, however, it is promised to be released during the summer of 2011. Benevolent will be releasing EXCLUSIVE studio updates via METALITY, and will have the songs PREMIERED EXCLUSIVELY through JORZINE.

As a final word, Fadi Sarieddine stated “We’re really excited, we’re extremely pumped up and we feel great about the new material! We just can’t wait to share these new pieces with the world!”