• Activity since March 14th 2009 (2 years):

366 published articles and more than 2800 approved comments.

  • Activity since March 14th 2010 (this past year):

* 41 miscellaneous articles (check here and here)

* 26 event reviews and 19 album reviews (check here)

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  • Major articles

Who is Dream Theater’s New Drummer with more than 100 likes, 125 comments and +150,000 views (was actually the leading article on the subject for weeks on Google results).

Interview with Amadeus Awad

The launching of the LebMetal Top Metal Releases monthly article. Check here.

  • Major news and events in the year between March 14th 2010 and March 14th 2011:

Anathema’s concert in Rockfest and the censorship that followed. Check HERE.

Kimaera’s performance in the Czech Republic during Summer 2010 and their confirmation for Unirock Open Air Festival in Summer 2011 (featuring Opeth, Katatonia, Mayhem, Eluveiti and many more).

Mentionable local band releases: Jay Wud / Tristmoon (now Innerguilt) / Benevolent, Kimaera and Kaoteon.

Rock in the Woods was recognized as one of the biggest local events ever and with a potential Rock in the Woods 2011. This was our review here.

Since Summer Fusion 2010, we have cooperated with some local bands in selling their CDs/merchandise and are still offering them for sale. Check HERE.

  • LebMetal events

“Beer Rocks” on May 19th 2010 with “Blue Yeast” and “Memories” rocking, blues-ing and jazzing the night and a big collection of beer to choose from…