With a whopping 26 bands participating in Global Battle of the Bands – Lebanon Challenge 2011, there are many bands that are not known to many, and even several bands that formed up specially for GBOB.

The purpose of this event is to expose a few of those bands to the general public! What will we be expecting throughout GBOB this year? What will these bands have to offer?

This event is just a warmup, support these new bands and let’s push them to their best before the competition begins! Let’s start warming up for the biggest band competition to ever hit Lebanon!

  • Location / Time / Entrance fees

Nova Pub, Sin el Fil on April 16th 2011 at 8 PM. Entrace fees are 10$ including 1 free drink.

Created by: Rock Ring (Rockring) LebanonGlobal Battle of the Bands.


  • Bands

  • Vintage Century

Probably an unknown name to many, but these guys formed in 2008. A very young group of talented musicians, most having many years of musical education. Their music is rock oriented but what does it sound like? let’s find out!

Covering for bands like Pink Floyd, Scorpions, Lynnard Skynnard + originals.

  • The Coolcumbers

Another very young group, with most members having started on their instruments at extremely young age. This band will play a variety of covers and originals influenced by a wide range of styles! Their cover list includes artists such as King of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Muse, Coldplay, and U2.

  • Divine Vanity

A relatively new band but already gaining fast reputation, Divine Vanity’s music is a progressive & psychedelic mix creating a somewhat unique and new sound.

Covering Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment + originals.

  • Revery

Another fresh band but with individually experienced members and promising future. Starting off as a jam but turned serious, their music is a blend of hard/heavy, melodic, and bluesy sounds! This will be the band’s first live performance!

  • Tormented

A Progressive Metal band influenced by bands such as Symphony X, Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree and Opeth along with influences of Jazz and Fusion to Progressive and Heavy Metal, Tormented will deliver an all original playlist!


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