Freak Show presents: Made of Metal II.

  • Date / Time / Location

Saturday March 26th 2011 / 9:00 PM / Nova – Sin El Fil (Facing Habtoor Hotel)

  • Entrance

10$ + 1 Drink

  • Bands

Frozen Flames

It’s been long since their last performance, the Iron Maiden tribute band reunites to give you the best tunes and an amazing show that you will certainly enjoy.

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Your good old local death metal band. Reputed for unleashing the brutality wherever they go. Over-rated ? come and judge by yourself ‘ You want your chaos, we’ll give you war’.

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December Dies Alone

Have lately released there 1st EP which is a big success, the play metalcore at its best, you do not want to miss these guys.

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Victims Of The System

These guys are notable for their innovative blend of alternative, heavy metal and funk/Rap. V.O.T.S drew inspiration from early heavy metal instrumentation,alternative bands : SOAD/Scars on broadway, as well as funk/Rap acts such as RAGE AGAINST THE FUCKING MACHINE etc!

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Groove/thrash metal which has given us great gigs over and over again, promises a mind-bursting Gig which noone would forget,covering songs from Sepultura,sulfly,ektomorf,and LOG will surely keep your heads banging!

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  • Transportation

There will be a private bus from Tripoli to Kaslik (jeser el Kaslik) and then to Nova (back and forth transportation).

Tripoli stop: the bus will wait at the Burger King in Tripoli and will leave at 6:30, so be there early.

-Kaslik stop: the bus will reach Kaslik around 7:30.

The bus will return you back from Nova after the concert (the bus can drop you anywhere on the way).

One way ticket: 5000L.L (2-way: 10,000LL).

For reservations contact any of Freak Show Members.

  • Merchandise

-December Dies Alone E.P. will be sold on the doors.

-Earplugs will be sold at the door for 3 000 and 5 000 LBP.

-Frozen Flames T-Shirts will be sold for 10 000 LBP.

  • Draw Prizes

There will be a draw where you write your name and choose a number for 1000L.L. A table will be set to the right side of the entrance door (inside) where you can join the draw.

The prizes are:

– 2 Free passes for next “Freak Show” Event
– 1 Frozen Flames T-shirt
– 5 Free Meals from Cluckster’s
– 1 Triple OOO invitation from Cluckster’s
– 1 December Dies Alone EP
– 1 Free Meal from Dunkin’ Donuts
– 1 Free Breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts
– 1 Coffee & Donuts for 2 persons from Dunkin’ Donuts

  • Event Sponsored By

– Xpress
– Moon Phase
– Dunkin’ Donuts
– Cluckster’s (DDA’s Sponsor)
– Schumacher Taxi (09-221055)
– MuzikLeb (

  • Sponsor Offers

– Cluckster’s will be providing 10% discount, coupons, pens and stickers to all concert attendees.

– Dunkin’ Donuts will distribute Free munchkins during the event for those who will be there before 8:30 and the one’s

who will stay till the last band.

  • Covered By

  • Drinks

Any beer for 4,000LL
Any Drink for 7,000LL
Any premium cocktail for 9,000LL