Green Pepper is a rock band playing covers of great rock classics. They played at Le Goodar, another great new pub in the city of Byblos, a perfect place for rock bands, definitely in the cold winters. It’s a cozy, warm and home looking pub.


Right from the start, one can see that Green Pepper is a group of talented musicians forming a pro-sounding band. Their playlist included about fifteen tracks from which I will mention some with an objective comment.


“Come Together”, a well known Beatles tune was sang by the female vocalist of Green Pepper (Joy Fayad) in an amazing captivating manner with funky guitar style (Joy Fayad) and bass guitar (Joé Naimeh), ultimately supported then lead by Saxophone (Charbel Bark). The band has practiced the tracks perfectly; I was impressed by each member’s level of musicianship.


Mon mec a moi! Yes! The French classic played and sang in a Rock style with walking beats and Sax melody fills. Of course there is nothing technical expected in covering Rock but what counts mostly is having band synchronization and plenty of experience. The vocalist surprised us twice with high pitch vocal “playing”, being a female I mean “HIGH“ pitch which was great!

“Alice, Who the fuck is Alice!?” (The edited version of “Smokie” hit “Living Next Door to Alice”) was preformed greatly even ending with the whole band saying: “Alice!? Who the fuck is Alice!? “


Another Beatles Rock and Roll track performed was ”Twist and Shout”, again with a twist of Sax solo in the middle. Rock N Roll is apparently the most suitable music for a late night live band, it really excites the crowd from start to end. Their cover did not end as it was supposed to; it was fused to a short “La Bamba” (Mexican Folk) with perfect transition and an interesting outro.


“Rebel” is the only original track played by Green Pepper that night and it surely needs more than a listen for one to judge. Lyrics are truly impressive, focusing on the topic “it is always your choice the way you live” (you can rebel when you should) which totally relates to our beloved Lebanon and true Lebanese people.

Also, “Rebel” is about rebelling and taking things by your hand. The mood of the song contradicts that and seams peaceful in its beginning, then anger emerges in the vocal lines and backing chorus. I expected it to be in a faster tempo reflecting a rebellious-like avalanche, but that again came seconds later with the vocal “screams” and the faster drum beats (Maher Mikhayel) that ended the track.


I will be following Green Pepper’s activity up close as I’m expecting great music from the band.

They will be performing at Crepaway Batroun on February the 24th 2011. More info soon.