Curious to know more about the most anticipated releases of 2011 in the power/progressive realm? We give you the latest updates below.

  • We’ll kick off with the American Progressive Metal legends SYMPHONY X. Vocalist Russell Allen has revealed to “Metal Messiah Radio” the title of the band’s 8th studio album entitled ICONOCLAST which will be released in the first quarter 2011. He explained that the album is currently in post-production. Artwork and pictures are done.


    The album is the most intense and dark to date, taking a lyrical theme about “the idea of machines taking over everything and all this technology we put our society into pretty much being our demise”. The band will embark on a North American headlining tour in April/May, supported by NEVERMORE, SOILWORK, POWERGLOVE and BLACKGUARD.

  • Finally some news about the new NIGHTWISH album. Last we heard was in August, that the band had entered the studio. Tuomas Holopainen, mainman and keyboardist, was interviewed by Petri Silas of “Soundi magazine”. He stated that the new album title is “IMAGINARIUM”, which will contain underlying themes of a positive outlook and a certain “carpe diem” attitude to life. He wrote all the tracks on the album, except for one track which was written by bassist and 2nd vocalist Marco Hietala. The album will include an epic 20-minute track which may or may not be split into two sections during the mastering.

    Orchestra recordings for the Nightwish album and movie
    Orchestra recordings for the Nightwish album and movie

    What’s better is that a movie with the same title is being directed and will follow the album’s story closely. The movie, directed by Stobe Harju, will include dialogue and is set for a 2012 release. NIGHTWISH’s 7th studio album will most probably be released in August 2011. I’ve no doubt that the movie will be a magical journey like no other. Tuomas has never let fans down musically, even after Tarja’s departure. Do not miss the following video of the orchestra recordings of the new album :


  • German power metallers GAMMA RAY have something new in store for us, following their latest release “To the Metal” over a year ago. Frontman Kai Hansen thought it is time to do an encore to the well-received acoustic album they released 8 years ago entitled “Skeletons in the Closet”. The upcoming release will be an acoustic album containing mostly songs that have never been played live. To be released on March 16th 2011, the album will be called “SKELETONS AND MAJESTIES”.


  • Last but not least, the top progressive metal band from Norway, PAGAN’S MIND, are back with one killer album. In a recent interview with, vocalist Nils explained “I think the material is extremely strong and that it represents sort of a ‘comeback’. I am sure both fans of PAGAN’S MIND and people who haven’t heard us before will appreciate it a lot”. And they will.


    The band’s latest release was in 2007, so the least they could do is to literally come back with a powerful album. A brand new song from the upcoming PAGAN’S MIND album will be online on March 2nd between 7 and 10 PM EST on “The Metal Madman” radio show. The album will be released this March, yet no title has been revealed until now.