• What is GBOB?

GBOB is the world’s biggest live international band competition, currently between 35+ countries.

Every country holds its own battles/heats, and the winners from each country meet at the World Final representing their own country. The World Final is usually held in London and sometimes in other host countries (last year was Malaysia).


The first prize is USD 100,000$ & worldwide promotion. Local prizes include song recordings, demo album recordings, album recordings, band merchandise, other merchandise, cash value, discounts, music courses, and more.

  • Local competition details

Rockring is the exclusive & official license holder for GBOB Lebanon and they are bringing GBOB back after organizing it for the first time in 2007.

The winner of the local final will travel abroad to represent Lebanon, the band’s trip & accommodation to the world final is expected to be fully covered by GBOB Lebanon/Rockring as was the case in the last GBOB Lebanon in 2007. In 2007 Blaakyum won the local GBOB challenge and went to London to finally reach the 7th place!

GBOB Lebanon will be divided into several qualifying heats:

The heats (qualifications) will be held in local pubs and the final is expected be a full scale outdoor concert (GBOB 2007 was held in the Roman Amphitheater of Zouk Mikael).

There will be 2-3 weeks between each heat.Every heat is followed by performances from local bands. Also, the winner of every ‘heat’ get to play in the final.The bands are judged equally regardless of their style, the competition is open to all styles.

Bands will be grouped into different categories, for example: new bands, rock bands, metal bands, other style bands, etc. The winners from each category will go to the final. New bands will be in the last heat so they can about 1 additional month to prepare.In heats, the audience can vote with a 20% vote ratio so the audience can have their say. The 20% is only enough to break any ties between closely scored bands.

There is no voting in the final.

Upon buying tickets to the heats, attendees will be handed out a unique serial number that should be used to vote online & through this website only. This serial number is only valid for 2 days after the each heat.The online vote results will be seen instantly whereas the jury results will be posted online 1-2 days after the heat (by the time they are compiled and posted).

  • Judging process

The bands will be evaluated by a jury of highly qualified musicians & teachers using a 2-page evaluation form that includes a pledge of honor.

There will be no room for cheating and all bands will be treated equally and fairly (and this was proven in the last GBOB).

Also, every evaluation form has a critics area where the jury can put their comments on the band.

This will help all bands, specially new ones, to fine tune their performance – this has proved to be extremely beneficial to many of the bands, even the well-experienced ones.

In addition, the audience will count for 20% of the result (except in the finals), the audience will vote using a unique 8-character serial number that they will be given with their ticket.

The voting will be done online on this website and will be valid till 2 days after the event. The voting results are viewed instantaneously.

The results of every heat will be revealed online after 2 days, and in the next heat.

  • Registration process

To register your band, you have to go to the GBOB Lebanon’s official website (see link below).

The main rules to register to GBOB are:

– Only originals allowed (cover bands read below).

– Total performance time should not exceed 8 minutes.

There is a registration fee of 15 GBP (British Pound) per band member.

Due to exchange rates to USD or LBP, the fee can fluctuate. But on average, 15 GBP is equivalent to approximately 25$.

After a band registers, they must create a profile for their band at www.gbob.com to become part of the international community & battle

Registration deadline is around April 2011.

To make it more fun & interesting, Rockring will organize, along the GBOB battle, an additional local heat for cover bands. The registration for cover bands is 20$/member.

  • Links

GBOB Lebanon’s Official Website