On December 27th, Level7 will be heading to Cyprus to play a concert with Blynd where two albums will be released: Blynd’s “The Enemy” and Level7’s EP.


Following that, on December 29th, Blynd will be playing besides Level7 at Nova Sin el Fil. Also sharing the stage are Relics Of Martyrs from Jordan, Oblivion from Lebanon and many more!

  • Brief Bands Description

Oblivion: This Lebanese heavy metal band recently released their first EP entitled Dollared Lady. The band has played in many events in these couple of years and gained the respect of metal fans for being true to the style they represent.

Level7: Well known for their energetic stage performance and aggressive style, Level7 will release their first EP in Lebanon 2 days after the official release in Nicosia Cyprus.


Blynd: Cyprian metal Blynd will play the Lebanese stage for the second time, again with their finest tunes from their album The Enemy“.

Relics Of Martyrs: Relics of Martyrs will also be performing for the second time in Lebanon some of their brutal death/thrash metal songs.

Ataxia: Ataxia has been playing in almost all recent events and their Groove/thrash metal style will appeal to all metal fans.

  • More information

10$ Entrance including 1 beer.

Gates open at 8.00 PM.

Beer will be sold for 4000 L.L, any drink for 7000 L.L and any premium cocktail for 9,000 LL.