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Frozen Flames Present:

… Where Live Music Lives… an event with the perfect line up. The idea of this event is to gather some local bands of different genres to satisfy your tastes…

Event starts around 8:30 PM (WE MEAN IT THIS TIME)… so try being at Nova around 8:00 PM. That way you won’t complain about any delays, the event will finish early as planned and you’ll be able to enjoy ALL the bands.

Also at 8:00 PM, we will play a DVD of some music videos to get the concert mood going.

A DVD of the event will be sold when ready.




Ataxia Is a Brazilian Thrash Metal Band Covering bands like Sepultura, Soulfly, Ektomorf, LOG and many more! After many months of hard work and practice, this band is ready to blast your ears.

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Placid Buzz

Placid Buzz ‘New But well known band, is a Progressive/psychedelic band influenced by bands such as Pink Floyd, DT, Rush, Porcupine Tree… ! They’ve been playing in many local events and getting many positive reviews!

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These guys play Old School heavy metal… They provide a great atmosphere and presence.

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Frozen Flames

An Iron Maiden tribute band that will certainly give you a great show as they have done many times before (will also be playing some originals).

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December Dies Alone

Finally!! This band has been awaited for so long to hit the stage, and here’s your chance. One of the best Metal Core bands in Lebanon. These guys cover stuff like Bullet for My Valentine, Parkway Drive, Killswitch Engaged… And they also play some originals…

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  • Location: Nova – Sin El Fil (Facing Habtoor Hotel)

  • Entrance: 10$ + 1 Drink

  • Date: Tuesday 7 September 2010

  • Event starts at 8:30 PM


To make it easier for those living far from Nova, a bus will be waiting at Kaslik (Jeser el Kaslik)… the bus will head to Nova at 7:30 and arrive there at 8:00. Also,the bus will head back from Nova to Kaslik around 12:00 PM.

1 way ticket: 5000 L.L || 2 way ticket: 10000 L.L

For reservation call 03877388 or inbox any of the band members (Frozen Flames)


-Earplugs will be sold at the door for 3 000 L.L.

-Oblivion Demo EP will be sold for 5$

-Frozen Flames T-Shirts will be sold for 10$.

-2 THE HOURGLASS albums + EP available with Lebmetal.com Staff for 20,000 L.L


There will be a draw where you write your name and choose a number… and during the concert the draw will take place… a table will be set to the right side of the entrance door (inside) where you can join the draw.

The prizes are:

-Iron Maiden T-shirt

-Free Piercing up to 40$ (wild ink)

-2 coupons of 50% Discount on Shoes (Sportonic)

-2 Free nose Piercing (scream body)

-1 Free Eyesbrow Piercing (scream body)

-1 Free Ear Piercing (scream body)

-1 Free Belly Piercing (scream body)






-Daily Press

-Avalanche Taxi

– Khabsa Jewelery

-Sream Body Tatoo

-Cluckster’s (DDA sponsor)

-Wild Ink Tatoo ( www.wild-ink.com )

  • Event Covered by


Frozen Flames Weebly

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