This article will constantly be updated with the latest merchandise which us at are currently selling at local events whenever we have our merchandise stand set.

  • The Hourglass

Two albums (Resurrection of the Horrid Dream and To The Land Of The Free) + EP (Ancient Hope) all for 20,000 L.L – or each sold separately for 10,000 L.L.

  • Alan Azar

Defective Harmony album for $10 | The Cosmologist album for $10


  • Monarchy

The Rise And Fall AtLantis album for $10

  • Roswell

Out Of Reach album for $10


  • Blaakyum

Lord Of The Night album for $10


  • Ostura

Ashes of the Reborn   Album for 10$


  • Weeping Willow

Impale Album for 15$


  • Near Surface

Crooked Landings Album for 10$

Crooked Landings

  • Amadeus Awad

Time of the Equinox Album for 10$


  • Moe Kabbara

Understated Imperfections, Three Songs & You EP for 10,000 L.L