Here is what’s next for as event organizing!

JEE…3! and Musical Rally Paper.

We usually do not announce anything before it’s already ready to go. Our events are usually announced 2 weeks before the event date.

Still, this time we thought we should announce it and claim our right. We do not want our Ideas to be taken ,disfigured and presented.

In a brief Description:

  • Jee..3! will be a concert similar to the famous G3. Three of the best guitar players will take part in it (leave your comment as a guess), playing with their bands and then joining forces to play all together.

Estimated date is October.

  • Musical Rally Paper is almost a rally paper similar to the ones universities or organizations prepare, but it is all centered around music. Check points are pubs / Nightclubs / Instrument stores and others… Participants can be Metalheads / Techno fans / Rap Fans / MUSIC fans… It is going to be a street war between music lovers and sometimes they will have to fight back to back to win the race!

Estimated date is between mid September and mid October.