Break the Cycle III, the third concert that involves the search for relatively unknown bands to put on the Lebanese metal scene’s map! RockRing schedules this event before their big yearly Summer Fusion event, to give the participating bands a chance at the big event later on in August.

“We spend time looking out and finding new bands to expose them and push them further to break the routine, and push those new talents up.
Also, the audience will have a say in this and can push these bands to bigger events such as Summer Fusion and others, read below!” – RockRing

  • Entrance

20,000 LL

  • Bands

Limelight (new rock originals)
Placid Buzz (covering your favorites such as Porcupine Tree and others)
Extorted (Iced Earth + some originals)
Venemy (Lamb of God, Bring me the Horizon, + originals)
Scar (Rammstein anyone?)

Also among the covers songs for Metallica, Megadeth, Motorhead, Iced Earth, Bring Me the Horizon, Lamb of God and others + some great originals from all of the bands varying from rock to metal and core!



The audience will be given special voting serial numbers with which they will be allowed to vote online for their favourite band and help push it to play in bigger events such as Summer Fusion, Back to the Roots, and others.

The system will work as follows:

RockRing’s team will rate the bands on several criteria (musicmanship, performace & presence, quality of playing, etc) on a score of 10, then the audience voting percentage will be added to each band to give the final scores. For example if 2 bands got 8/10 and 5/10 respectively with 30% votes and 50% votes respectively, their scores will be 11 and 10

The most voted band will play in SUMMER FUSION 2010!

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