• Harvest will be performing a Setlist of 1 Hour Covering Some of the best of Porcupine Tree and Some Pink Floyd and Muse and More With a DJ Proceeding With The Rest of The Night.

  • Harvest Members are:

-Shiraz Mokdad : Vocals
-Elio Khoury : Drums/Percussion
-Hani Sadek : Guitars/Back Vocals
-Ramzi Alaeddine : Guitars
-Emilio Ghanem : Keyboard
-Nareg Bzdigian : Bass Guitar

Harvest live at Cheers

You will Rarely be hearing This Kinda Psychadelic/Progressive Music these Days.. So Its a Must See event.

  • A High Quality Sound System will be Installed that Day.

  • Entrance Fee : 10 $ Including 2 Beers or 1 Drink !