Metally Rockin’ Easter

As its name says, this metal concert is not the usual you attend since this one has a special theme which is: EASTER.

Lineup: Bitter Veil (Melodic Gothic Metal) Nocturna (Doom Death Metal) Level 7(Groove/Hardcore) Relics Of Martyrs(Jordanian Thrash/Death Metal band) and a surprise band for all System Of A Down fans! (I’m sure you all know who they are)

ENTRANCE: 10$ (including 1 Beer),if some of you might prefer a Premium drink you could add 3000 L.L. to your drink ticket and exchange your beer. Shots will also be available for 3000 L.L.

This event is sponsored by Phenomena Ink and Metal Pro Art who will be offering piercings for 10$ during the event and a 35% discount on tattoos from Phenomena Ink will be offered keeping your tickets with you. Roland Azar will be the sound engineer of our evening. ALSO Nathalie J-BandAge will be hosting this event.

Beer and Metal Flowing all night long in the depth of Hamra – American Dream Underground Pub.* Music will range from the Rock ‘n Roll, Rockabilly dancing shit to the Hardcore Slam dancing Punk, going on with the piercing riffs and screams of Heavy metal to the wild energy of Thrash and ending with the most extreme metal genres

.*Beer is for 4000 L.L. *Gates open at 8:00 pm*Entrance for 10,000 L.L. including 1 beer. Feed your spirit and lust and let it be one hell of a fucking night. Cheers and Keep yourself a Heavy Metal Maniac To The BONE!!!

April 1st! YES! WE ARE DEAD SERIOUS! And We Are Turning The Old Fools’ Lie To Truth!

Nathalie Jeha – Vocals – Roland Azar – Keyboards & backing vocals – Issam Abed El Nour – Lead Guitar – Tony Abou Haydar – Drums – Rany Battikh – Bass Guitar

After The Big Success Of The 2010 Come Back…We Are Hitting The Gemmayzeh Sound System, We’ll Make Sure To Provide Everyone With Nothing But Pure Rock Music, Covering Songs From The Memorable Past All The Way Into The Near Future!”It’s all about the quality! And that’s our target, to cover and tribute most of the well known bands that we grew up to”Nathalie J.Gather Up & Join BandAge This Thursday, April 1st! It’s Happening At Snatch- Gemmayzeh!Starting: 11:00pm

For reservations call Snatch on:70 111 651