For all those who want to be a part of the staff, to contribute their articles about anything and everything related to Metal music (including rock/punk), this article will have all the required information to join us.

Join LebMetal

  • An Applying Writer:

– has to submit 2 articles which will be checked and evaluated by the editors.

– should have sufficient knowledge about Metal (personal meeting with the staff will be arranged).

– should be over 16 (just in case he/she would be requested to review a live concert with age restrictions).

– should have good English writing skills.

– (optional) should have some information about the local Lebanese Metal Scene.

– (bonus) should be creative and not only write about one thing, i.e album reviews.

  • Once accepted, a writer:

– will be given some account information (personal e-mail and access to our backend platform).

– has to submit 2 articles per month.

– has to understand that he/she will be joining the staff (respect / good staff relations are required).

– should try his/her best to attend occasional staff meetings.

– should not have any ongoing conflicts with other media organizations or any individuals in the scene whatsoever.

– should respect readers and fellow staff members’ opinion about his/her articles, be able to debate in an educated and respectable manner and not offend anyone.

LebMetal Staff

  • Benefits of being a writer:

– write about anything related to Metal and its subgenres (+review albums regardless of their release date).

Ex: articles about books that influenced Metal music such as “Lord of the Rings”, analysis articles on Metal related subjects like “Heavy Metal and Teen Suicide” and “Smart Metalheads”, videogames that relate to Metal music like “Brutal Legend”, cartoon series like “Metalapocalypse”, etc.

– review gigs by local / international artists with a free press member pass.

– reach out to international musicians and bands by using the archive to reference international reviews / interviews (+getting access to our contacts in the scene).

For all those who’re interested in joining us, you can start by contacting the admin to start with the steps mentioned earlier in the article.