Brutal Legend is one of the best games I have ever played on the PS3. This game is satisfying in all of its aspects, and I’m sure that metalheads/videogame fanatics will include this game as one of their top ones. To put it in short, this game talks about the history of Heavy Metal in an epic/mythological way. The story is so compelling and so hypnotizing that one can’t get enough of it. Not only is it an amazing game, it also includes a lot of Metal icons such as: Lemmy Kilmster, Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Halford.

The main character of the story is Eddy Riggs (voiced by Jack Black), Eddie is of course the name of the Iron Maiden mascot and Riggs is the family name of Eddie’s designer. The game blends characteristics from games such as GTA, God of War and Guitar Hero. There are a lot of Metal references throughout the game, and all the characters are designed in a way to resemble a certain trait of metal. For example, at the beginning of the game Eddie recruits a bunch of “soldiers” called “The Headbangers” and from the name one can infer that these headbangers attack their enemies by “headbanging them”. This game is by far not silly, for it is somehow hard and it requires a lot of strategy. Most of the fights in this game revolve around “Stage Battles”, each side has a stage (that can be upgraded) and each side should revive some ancient forces (called fans) by playing a guitar solo called “Fan Tribute” when playing this, a merch booth gets created and the fans start paying money, this money is used to recruit army units, upgrade the stage and upgrade the army units.

In addition to the “Stage Fights” the player can freely move around the map, for side quest adventures, for unlocking solos, metal legends and hidden metal music and for fire tributes. The fire tributes are the “money” of the game, the fire tributes are used at the “shop” run by the guardian of metal, Ozzy Osbourne. At that shop, you can upgrade your car (the Deuce), your weapon (axe) and your guitar strings. To give the game more style and a more “metal” feel, while in the car the player can choose any song he/she wants to listen to, from the set of unlocked songs. One can listen to songs for: Motley Crue, Motorhead, Dimmu borgir, Emperor and a lot of other bands! The online gaming is also amazing, it is about engaging in a Stage Fight with a person.

This game is a must have for every person that has a PS3, it is funny, challenging and mind blowing. The only downside is that the main story is kind of short; however with the side quests and the hidden items, the game takes about 15 – 20 hours.