I’m sure most of you have been to beer fests this summer but none had this interesting mix
of Metal, Thrash, Hardcore and Doom.
Be ready for some ass kicking performances by a lineup of your favorite local bands while
drinking all the beer you want (give responsibility a chance though) moshing and enjoying
the music.
Wear your favorite shirt, get your friends and be there on time;
the sound installed shall not disappoint any of you as well.
(Yes, there will be someone that knows how it goes handling the mixer).


Lineup (in Order):

Element 26
Humanity Failed


20 000 L.L. (open beer)
You need to be over 18 for that.
For those under 18 do not hesitate to suggest your favorite drinks on the wall and we’ll
take it into consideration. Mna3mela!

Doors will be open at 7:30
-> a big opportunity for you to break the habit and be there on time so everyone would be
able to enter without having to miss the first bands.

No sharp or harmful metal objects allowed (spikes, chains, knives, chainsaws…).

See you all there!

Trinity Corp.