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Rockring brings you Summer Fusion 2009.

  • Date

11th of September 2009

If you enjoyed Summer Fusion 2008, then prepare to be awed!
Last year will not compare to this year.
Start off the day at the beach, as you watch the rock bands and chill out in the pool, then end it with some more intense listening to blast your heads and end off summer !
Sound & light production will be like no other seen before.
Sound used will be that used by international artists such as Linkin Park, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, Kenny Rogers, and others.

We’ll keep the lights as a surprise!


  • Entrance

25,000 LL includes beach/pool access as well as the concert.

Bands will start playing around 6pm. You can start coming at 12pm and enjoy the rest of the day/night. Come at 12pm, enjoy a day at the beach, then enjoy the rest of the night with the concert.

  • Bands


  • Bandage

One of the best pub bands out there, they almost haven’t left a place they haven’t played. This band covers some of the greatest classics ranging from Pink Floyd to Scorpions, and even some popular hits like Bon Jovi’s.

  • Chemical X

Another great band that needs no introduction. This band will offer a killer playlist of the best American classics such as ACDC, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, etc…

  • Alan Azar

Hailing from the old days of the great band Alienz, some of these guys are back in this new unique project.
An instrumental set of originals influenced by artists such as Dream Theater, Symphony X, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman and others. This band is a must see, specially for all guitar fans out there. Check out their music: myspace.com/alanazar

  • Roswell

After a year laying low, Roswell are back, with some new attitude. After selling out their own album and playing in many different places, as far as Jordan; Roswell promises to hit back well. The band will be mostly covering Porcupine Tree and playing some of their new material.

  • Silent Anthem

Another band that’s been laying low for a year now, Silent Anthem, the famous Manowar cover band is now back with a new style & a few new members.
More thrash/groove oriented, this band’s originals are something worth checking. The guys will also be playing some covers for Pantera and Slayer.

  • Blood Ink

Yet another band that’s been in the silence. But after the silence, comes the storm.
After 1.5 years of silence, Blood Ink is back with a new style and lineup change.
One of the older bands in the scene that have toured the region, and pioneered their style, Blood Ink are back with a new more thrash/technical oriented style and promise to deliver a killer performance like no other.

  • Blaakyum

One of the oldest bands in the scene, recording its first original in 1996 and battling their way to Global Battle of the Bands London in 2006; Blaakyum are known to deliver a most unique blend of thrash influenced originals influenced by its own regional roots. A band not to miss.

  • Tristmoon

A unique band, possibly the only of its style in the country. Tristmoon needs no introduction, this melodic/symphonic black metal band have great music and great performance. Starting as a relatively small unknown band, Tristmoon is one of the most acclaimed bands today; there’s a reason for that, see for yourself.

  • Engraved

The newest coming band of this event, slowly working their way up with unique performance and relatively not too popular musical style, but this band worked hard to get to where it is. Playing a range of metalcore/deathcore covers and their own originals, Engraved will have their own kind of pit going.
The event time is set to 12pm because the concert ticket includes beach entry during the day, so come early to spend the day at the beach.