A glass of whisky, or a soft steak diner with wine while listening to a talented Piano player…

A Jazzy night with a cosy warm atmosphere, or a Bluesy night with a crazy warm atmosphere?

A Hard Rocking night or a Moshpitting band, Or simply some unheard of world and lounge music from all four corners of the world…

This is Cherry’s Pub —- No More


To all groups that used to gather in Cherry’s pub,

To all the bands who started from this place,

To all supporters who believed in its mission,

To all the comedians who shared its stage,

To all who helped, fundraised, worked for free or advertised for free,

To all cherry’s family members,

To all the people who once considered cherry’s their second home

& to all the people who are mad at us,

To all the scene, and to whom it may concern…

It was a nice experience to have this pub around, it was a milestone in the history of the Lebanese live music scene, it was an opportunity to a lot of new bands & event organizers, it was a support to lot of old mature bands, it was once the center of this scene,

it was Cherry’s Pub. Thank you all, my friends.

…..Chapter closed..… (Friday, August 21, 2009 at 5:14am)

Samer Deaibess


We all enjoyed last Saturday’s gig (Insanity Crescendo), for it was Cherry’s Last Night… Kaiowas | Humanity Failed | Kaoteon — 22/08/09

Some final words from the scene


Cherry’s had always been the ‘home’ of the metal scene, it’s unfortunate it has to close down.

In all times, we have stood together and supported each other for a united scene, but this scene itself has caused it to shut down. Maybe this will be an eye opener to all those “supporters” who were only good at talking instead of supporting. Ironically, they talk about support but complain about paying an extra 1000LL to get a beer from Cherry’s (or any concert) and rather go buy it from a nearby supermarket. How is a pub to survive?

Maybe people should learn what it is to support. Things don’t run around for free.

Every band that releases an album ends up selling 1 original copy while everyone copies it to ‘save’ some money instead of supporting the bands, every metal pub that opens up ends up closing because so many people try to get in for free or save a couple of bucks getting drinks from outside…etc

If the scene is to survive better, ‘supporters’ have to actually work for it and not expect things to come free. Real support must show up.

Our message to everyone is to work for the scene yourselves, and don’t expect people to come do the work for you offering things on a silver plate.

It is a joint effort. Cherry’s will probably never be back, and no other place will either, unless there’s a change of attitude with every person that believes the metalscene should strive – RockRing Team.

Bad Apples

We played our first gig in Cherry’s. Back then we were so excited about playingthat we decided not to get drunk before going on stage. We thought it went pretty well. Come to think about it, that gig sucked – Elie Rassy.


On the behalf of Overload members, we would really like to be thankful for every chance that Cherrys offered to Us , I know we didn’t have the chance to play long time in this supportive pub but we know and we will always remember the support that Cherrys did to the musical scene in Lebanon.

We’ll stand beside this rebellious movement of Cherrys.

We hope you continue with the good work, doing the best for the metal scene united, accepting every talented bands and appreciate it.

Thank you – Roby Bezdigian


Farewell to the heart of the striving scene, where we always watched our favorite local bands and where we ended up playing a great show – Patrick Saad

Saint Vicious

On behalf of Saint Vicious we would all like to thank Cherrys pub for everything it did for the metal scene during 10 years or so…it was a great ride, and lots of sacrifices had been made to keep going…I would like to say a big thank you to Bassem Daibess who was at the front seat of the metal scene and giving so much to this scene that has been struggling since day one…Good luck to you and your projects in the future and we will never forget that little pub where we use to gather all metalheads and friends to enjoy our favorite music and bang our heads till we drop: Cherrys, our second home…Cheerzzzz\m/ – Elie Daakour

Element 26

From there was our start, on the behalf of Element 26 I want to thank the Cherry’s owner and staff for supporting us and giving up the big push… We will never forget the great days we shared there, as much as we will miss it… Goodluck with ” Kingdom ” hope it will draw a new path in always improving the music community in Lebanon. Cheers \m/ – Kamal Khoueiry


We just wanted to say that Cherry’s was the best pub for concerts and to support the scene and hope to c it coming back with much bigger support to the bands…and sorry to hear about its closure – Alexy Noun


we would like to show our appreciation to Cherrys pub, in which most Lebanese bands showed and pulled off lots of great concerts,

Supporting the metal music in Lebanon, the amazing atmosphere music, unfortunately reached its end.

Therefore THE MEMBERS OF HEADSTONES would like to thank Cherrys for such work, it’s co-workers, and each band who was part of it. Farewell Cherrys.Sadly and with all due respect and honor we say: FAREWELL Cherry’z …- Fadi BK

Thrash Storm

I would like to thank Cherrys’ staff for all the hard work they did, especially Bassem who sacrificed alot in order of having a decent scene. Our first performance was there, I am thankful for that. Farewell Cherrys pub… Hady Naal


Farewell our long lost doomed pub, it was our pleasure to spread our hate and misery in such a place with such owners. Nour – Dethroned


From the heart, to the place we once called home, we’re sure going to miss the days and nights spent in Cherry’s Pub.

Christian El Murr

You guys amazed us with the best gigs, best music, best bands….you helped the Lebanese metal scene to stay on its feet…thank you…for offering what we always needed!! We surely will miss you!

Patrick Ziade

I’ve spent most of my teenage years at Cherry’s. When I hear people mention that pub, memories kick-in, such as my first stage appearance, my first sweep attempted live, and the adrenaline rushing with the wild bloodstream. I even reminisce the bottle of water that was thrown at our second guitarist… funny but good times. I would like to say thank you Cherry’s, thank you Bassem, and a special salute to my dear friend Sir Black Lezghir.

Paula Sarkis

Cherry’s!!! Mission completed perfectly. Good luck for the next chapter.

A place never to be forgotten!