British atmospheric rock band Anathema will be releasing their eighth studio album entitled ‘Horizons’ due in June 2009.

Three unmastered version tracks have been released so far by the band through their website and MySpace: “Angels Walk Among Us”, “Everything” and “A Simple Mistake”.

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When asked about incorporating new elements in the music, vocalist Vincent Cavanagh said:


“Yeah, new sounds, new types of riffs, new types of approach to music. I mean it’s not all on guitar, there’s a lot more piano stuff. It’s definitely more open. I think that each song is its own little world in a way, with its own colours and its own way if you like. They all sound different to me, so that’s cool. There’s no one particular theme running through the entire album. It is not a concept album. The songs are all diverse from each other.”

He also mentioned that the band is taking a more progressive aspect in their music:

“If you’re talking about progressive as in are we progressing ourselves? Yes we are. Are we evolving? Yes we are. We’re pushing ourselves to do different things and try new types of songs, but that comes naturally to us. It’s a conscious thing, but it’s also an unconscious thing because we don’t really need to think about it but it’s more a case of that’s how the ideas roll. But they are all different”.