Having been almost two years since some fresh meat has come from major British Doom group Paradise Lost and rumors have been bubbling to the surface. Paradise lost, considered the Yorkshire kings of doom are planning to release a highly anticipated follow up to their kick ass album- “In Requiem” (2007). Still to be titled, a few names of songs have been mentioned such as First Light”, “As Horizons End”, “Faith Divides Us, Death Unites Us”, “Frailty” & “My Last Regret”. But as we all know until the release date things are subject to change.This 10 track piece is promised to be a dark album with the band going back to their heavier and less electronic (synthesized) period. Guitarist Mackintosh has been quoted saying “Musically, it is about finding the balance between brutality and empathy, between horror and beauty. Neither a celebration nor a lamentation, simply the emotions that arise, being surrounded by life and death.”


Another change that comes with this album is the drummer. It comes with the departure of Jeff Singer and the welcoming of the Swede Adrian Erlandsson (Cradle of Filth , At The Gates). Weighted,measured,and obviously not found wanting the newest member of Paradise Lost will definitely help bring the intended darkness to the new album, due near the end of 2009.