During the course of the week, LebMetal will be covering the upcoming Back to the Roots 3 through interviews, polls and reviews of the concert and bands. The biggest local Metal concert in the past few years: Back to the Roots 3 on March 27th 2009.

  • Bands

Weeping Willow
Saint Vicious

  • Date / Time / Entrance fees

Friday March 27.
Gates open at 6:30pm.
Entrance is for 20,000LL.


This area is available for people over 18 only. It will include its own bar, offering a much wider variety of drinks and low prices. It will be on the second floor next to the bands’ section. This section is ONLY PRESALE, you have to reserve your ticket BEFORE March 23 by sending an email to management@rockringlb.com with the number of tickets needed and a contact phone number.

The tickets of this section are for 20$ and include 1 Corona beer.

  • Prizes

Several worthy prizes will be given at 7:20 (be there before) , make sure to be there early not to miss your chances to win:

– a watch, a cap, a belt, skate shoes, a skateboard (Circl8 www.circl8.com)
– 5 free meals from Cluckster’s
– 1 guitar from Instruments Garage
– 2 50$ cash prizes from Rockring


Corona beer will be sold inside the event for 2500LL , or 2 for 4000 LL. A frankfurter stand will be open at the entrance. Cluckster’s will be offering 15% discount during the night of the event for the concert attendees.

  • Stands

A stand of unique hand made leather & goth merchandise will be available on location (Ozz Accessories).

  • Transportation

Alister Crowly (mobile # 70/756825) took the initiative to organize a ride from Beirut to the event.

He has organized a couple of buses on demand to take people up to the gig; the bus fair will be between 1500-2000 each person.

There will be a gathering at Concorde Verdun at 6 pm. The buses move at precisely 6:30pm so please make it on time. For all those who wish to come along on the ride, you must contact Alister on the above number.

If at anytime anyone decides to not come anymore or will be late, also do send Alister a notice.

  • Sponsors

The event is sponsored by:

Cluckster’s, Otv, Instruments Garage, Corona, Circl8, Xpress.

Sharp objects, metal objects, religious or cult symbols, spikes and drugs are not allowed.