HIGHER THAN is an awesome Modern Hard Rock band from Paris with 800 fans on Facebook and 40 listeners on Last.fm (yet another underrated band). Their album “Purgatory Airlines” was released on July 9th 2016 at Dr Feelgood Rock Bar in Paris; probably around 50-100 people showed up, the band played some local gigs since then and that’s pretty much it.

LebMetal’s French friends at DOOWEET AGENCY sent me the physical album with a funny description that read:

With this album, Higher Than members share without detour their passion for aviation, providing a first trip to a modern Hard Rock and revisited, refreshing style with great blows of adrenaline surges.

The genres used to describe their sound were both Rock and Hard Rock, which I originally wasn’t that excited about. Without getting too technical into genre descriptions, “Hard Rock” always seemed like a term ignorant old people use for music which had loud guitars, drums and a vocalist that seems too pissed off about everything. I am glad I gave the album a good listen because this is in my opinion what Modern Heavy Metal should sound like! Enough with replicating 70’s and 80’s Heavy Metal, since the new generation can only relate to something fun and fresh-sounding. HIGHER THAN plays that great modernized version of Heavy Metal influences from the energetic riffing and solid song structures (great choruses) to the sick vocals and sing-along tunes! They sound like a fresher version of GUNS N’ ROSES and JUDAS PRIEST combined while adding their own touch inspired by 90’s catchy Rock.

Check out their video of “Unchained Tiger”:

There’s plenty of great tunes in “Purgatory Airlines”, some with a darker sound like “Risk Taker” and “You Gotta Make A Choice”, some Heavy Metal influenced ones like “Strike Back” and “Sword Up”, and some Modern Rock tracks inspired by GUNS N’ ROSES like “Miss Mindend” and “Room Service (We Want It)”!


HIGHER THAN on Facebook

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