Septa is a four-piece alternative rock band from Odessa, Ukraine. Band was formed back in 2006, the founding members were Eugene Tymchyk and Alexander Kostuchenko. Then after long hiatus Septa surfaced again in 2010 with an addition of Alexey Sulima and Alexander Bezusov. Humbly considering themselves as 'alternative rock' they constantly endure their music with experiments, influenced by other genres, such as post-hardcore, noise rock and trip hop. Read more on

While top-tier record labels release their bands’ material, undiscovered and underrated bands lurk quietly in the underground caves of the internet, unspoiled by bright lights and uncontrolled / pressured to deliver the usual formulas for the masses.


SEPTA call their music “Alternative Rock”, and while it’s rightfully alternative in the sense of “not your usual Rock”, I have to stress that they are heavier than what’s advertised. Most of the time, their music is dark and angry, with Hardcore-style screams and growls, Post Rock’s atmospheric layering and Prog Rock’s sense of unpredictability and smooth technicality. It’s quite a sick delivery from a relatively unknown band that is destined to make it big sooner or later!

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With 13 songs and a total running time of 53 minutes, SEPTA surely put their heart out on their 3rd record, and to my surprise, not a dull moment passed by. In fact, the album sounds great from start to finish, which I can hardly say for many of the “top-tier” Rock/Metal releases that saturate the “famous Metal websites”, a testament to the band’s ability to provide entertainment at its highest level by surprising the listener and challenging what they’re expecting to hear.

“Sounds Like Murder” album cover

The production on the album is killer, it’s somehow raw and noisy and screams “Modern Metal”, especially with their mild Electronica touch. The guitar sound is the most important part here, and its delivery is on the level of bands like BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME or even IHSAHN on those chorus chords, but the strongest resemblance is as if PAPA ROACH and TOOL had a child who didn’t know which parent to love more!

One is never disappointed with the unknown as there are no expectations to begin with (not like waiting to hear the new Opeth, for example), and sometimes a special band comes out the gutter and scares the shit out of you. SEPTA is one of those special bands!

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