Stortregn is a Blackened Death Metal band, formed in Switzerland in 2005. After three highly successful albums (Singularity, 2016; Evocation of Light, 2013; Uncreation, 2011), an EP (Devoured By Oblivion, 2008) and an early demo (Stortregn, 2007), they released their latest album, Emptiness Fills the Void, in May 2018. Initially influenced by the Nordic Black Metal scene, they have expanded their vision and sound into a more contemporary era. With a relentless energy Read more on

Non Serviam Records (The Netherlands) sent LebMetal a promo package which started with:
“In 45 minutes, “Singularity” will haunt you evoking your darkest spirits, your most forbidden truths. And when you want to scream for mercy, you realize you’ll be begging for more.”

SINGULARITY (check it on Bandcamp) is Swiss band STORTREGN’s third full length album which was released on May 27th. It is a 45-minute endeavor that manages to capture the entire Death Metal spectrum from tech riffs, brutal blasts, soaring melodies, growls and shrieks and even acoustic passages.


Check out Acosmic Ascendant from the album, a prime example of the band’s relentless energy and memorable melodic choruses:

While many songs do blast their way through the entire thing (not so bad, right?), the album presents other more contemporary examples that can be appealing to Metal fans who do not totally enjoy the constant blasting (also not a bad thing). Tracks like album opener “Enlighten Salvation” and “Aurora” standout in terms of great songwriting and technical execution. You can stream both songs (and the album) via the Bandcamp player below (not showing? Go to Bandcamp):

And if all of that doesn’t get you to give the band a listen, check out the guests on the album:

Steffen Kummer: (Obscura, Thulcandra)
Ville Viljanen: (Mors Principium Est)
Simon Girard: (Beyond Creation)
Vladimir Cochet: (Mirrorthrone, Unholy Matrimony, Weeping Birth)

All in all, “Singularity” is a heck of an album and certainly one of 2016’s standouts. STORTREGN skillfully brings both old and modern Death Metal influences together to craft a memorable album that’s extreme enough for hardcore fanatics, but not enough to push off curious Metal fans!