We receive lots of Metal music promotions via email, which usually briefly introduce the promoted band along with a small description and access to the promo files. Here’s what we received for HUMANITY DELETE:

As a Metal reviewer, I blindly trust “Swedish Death Metal” tags because Sweden has always delivered on Death Metal, commanding a similar respect to American Death Metal over the past decade or so, with bands from Stockholm and Gothenburg taking lead – bands like Bloodbath, Amon Amarth, Entombed and At The Gates. Now that’s some high standards to live up to when opting to bear that tag!


HUMANITY DELETE was formed back in 2003 but was put on ice for many years. “Fuck Forever Off” is actually their second full length, one which packs a heavy punch right from the get-go. Here’s the tracklisting:

Track-listing (running time: 30:46 minutes)

1. Barbarian Axe
2. The Rotting and the Spoil
3. Into the Maze of the Minotaur
4. Creeping of the Shoggoth
5. The Hatchet Cleaves the Night
6. Lairhunter
7. The Burning Lands
8. Flesh Panzer

HUMANITY DELETE come out with a bang with a 3-min barrage opener “Barbarian Axe”, which gives a great impression with that classic Swedish Death Metal guitar distortion and overall sound production, reminiscent of BLOODBATH’s 2002 debut “Resurrection Through Carnage”; not a bad album to be compared to in any way!

Stream it all here:

“Fuck Forever Off” feels quite raw and wastes no time to accelerate into full power. Songs like “The hatchet cleaves the night”, “Lairhunter” and “Flesh panzer” kick off in attack mode as soon as you hit the play button, without abusing the formulaic |riff introduction with the traditional drum roll going into a blast beat|. For the sake of variety, listen to “Creeping of the shoggoth” as it shows a Doom Death side and “Burning Land” if you are looking for the most extreme track in the album.

Although this album mostly sticks to raw Death Metal, it brilliantly transitions from Heavy Metal-inspired grooves to Thrash Metal riffing, all while staying in familiar Death Metal territory. What I also enjoyed is that it’s not technically flashy; it just rides its rawness to the very last second with classic yet addictive Death Metal riffs and drum lines. All in all, “Fuck Forever Off” is a 2016 must listen to for all Metal fans!


  • Rogga – Vocals, rhythms guitars, bass
  • Kjetil – Lead guitars
  • Brynjar – Drums


“Fuck Forever Off” on Bandcamp | https://ironbloodanddeath.bandcamp.com/album/fuck-forever-off

HUMANITY DELETE on Reverbnation https://www.reverbnation.com/humanitydelete