Voice of the Soul is a death metal band based in Dubai that started in Kuwait in late 2007. After playing several shows in Dubai since January 2011, the band opted to relocate to Dubai. Voice of the Soul released their third EP, “Into Oblivion”, live on SOS Heavy Metal Radio in Portugal in August 2011. In April 2014, the band recorded their debut full-length album "Catacombs" at Haven Studio in Dubai. Facebook: https://facebook.com/votsband/info Read more on Last.fm

Generally, Voice Of The Soul’s debut full-length album Catacombs sounds greatly influenced by European Death Metal, fashioned with similar elements to Crematory and Kalmah, with mostly death-ish deep devouring growls which mostly lead the instruments. It is rich in heaviness, in a way with riffs similar to Lamb of God’s style, visibly in “Pendulum” and there is a complimentary cooperation between the astutely written bass and the general ambience of the song, but it’s too invigorated with melodic elements and unnecessarily over-employed  effects, an exaggerated attempt at melodic technicality.

Artwork by Hamood Hallak (http://behance.net/mhdgraphics)
Artwork by Hamood Hallak (http://behance.net/mhdgraphics)
  • Tracklist

1- Desolation

2- Perpetual Deception

3- Pendulum

4- Quarantine

5- Cold Rupture

6- The Mist

7- Perdition

8- Defiled

9- Images Subside

Catacombs is introduced with nonchalant ambiance and cleanliness whose peace is un-fluently disrupted with the restlessness of the heights which are experienced through Melodic Death Metal; just when the listener is warmed up with the serenity of “Desolation” he or she is bombarded with the roughness of “Perpetual Deception”, where one actually begins to taste the album.


Here’s the album’s teaser:

The album experiments with various styles, almost excluding itself from being defined by its own style. For instance, “Cold Rupture” brings an addition of more alternative elements than required. Unexpectedly after that, tranquility is incongruously brought to the mood with “The Mist”; a steadily calm and ambient track that would do excellent introducing or concluding the album. This time, the calmness is transitioned back to the album’s roughness better, with the intro of “Perdition”.

Check out Defiled from the album:

One thing I do like about the album is how the drums compliments it with all its attempts at experimentation. In the last track “Images Subside”, there are predominant elements of Doom that, should they be the focus of the band’s style, could present a greater album.


Catacombs shows great potential, but it should demand more thematic consistency musically.

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