Thessaloniki, Greece (2008 - present) Official Website: Current Members: *Cons Marg - Lead Vocals *Theodore Amaxopoulos - Guitars *Lef Germenlis - Keyboards *Linus Abrahamson - Bass *Matthew Vella - Drums Studio Albums & EPs: 2009 - The Reign Of Dreams 2011 - Pandemic (EP) 2013 - Anthem To Creation 2017 - Inure 2019 - Season V Until Rain is a progressive metal band which was formed back in 2008 in Thessaloniki, Greece. The band's music is a mix of many musical elements such as prog Read more on

I discovered Greek band Until Rain today, and it’s never too late to write few words about a beautiful album, presenting great Progressive Metal with a blend of styles and hints of Greek culture.

I loved this album for two main reasons: it’s really versatile and it’s not over-produced. I have listened to six tracks from the album available for free download on

Each track has its mood and special blend of instruments, some are Oriental Folk, others are more Thrash / Heavy Metal; the work put in the music is just amazing. It’s not an over produced album because you notice that most instruments are almost left to their natural sound especially the drums – they are not buffed and amplified to sound as the New-Metal albums most modern albums sound like. Again because the album isn’t trying hard to force you to love the tracks, composition and arrangement are what make you come back for more.

I recommend this album for listeners of Progressive Metal and Heavy Metal, especially fans of Myrath and Orphaned Land (no they are not copying them). On a side note this album also reminded me of Lebanese band Blaakyum’s “Lord of the Night”.

My favorite tracks would be “The Reign of Dreams” and “Rk”.

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