Evenline’s story started in September 2009 from a mutual musical passion for US rock metal between Arnaud and Fabrice, singer and guitarist. They draw their inspiration on major US and Canadian metal bands like Metallica, Pearl Jam or more recently like Alter Bridge, Creed and Nickelback. Evenline creates his own style to bring his touch in Europe. Arnaud and Fabrice spent few months writing all the instruments parts and lyrics, but in order to achieve the recording process, the band needed a drummer. Read more on Last.fm

Evenline is a French band who released their debut album “Dear Morpheus” on July 6th 2014. Their influences range from Metallica, Pearl Jam to Alter Bridge (which they opened for in Luxembourg early 2011), Creed and even Nickelback.

by Thomas Ciszewski

by Thomas Ciszewski

“Dear Morpheus” is Modern Rock sounding, a la Papa Roach and Alter Bridge. Think good riffs, clean vocals with occasional screams and Alternative-structured music that doesn’t stray far from the norms. At times the band sounds like Nickelback tuned up a notch or two (still as ear-friendly) and at other times (sadly, these times are rare) channels Prog Metal riffing.

Evenline - Dear Morpheus

Evenline – Dear Morpheus

Check out the album’s official trailer:

Songs like “A Letter To a Grave” and “Already Gone” are mainstream Rock tunes that could easily land on any Modern Rock radio show to the appraise of Alternative Rock/Metal fans. The album sound can be defined by these tracks – check out “A Letter To a Grave”:

Standout tracks “Insomnia” and “Without You” start out very raw, grabbing any serious Metalhead’s attention with Prog-Metal riffing with a modern sound, yet choosing to return to familiar Alternative sounding chorus and bridge parts, something which Rock fans will like.

Overall, “Dear Morpheus” is a quality album for its mostly Rock-oriented target audience, and although it showcases some good Metal riffing and aggression on a few tracks, the predictable and similar sounding choruses and bridges will be a deja-vu for serious music listeners.

From a Metalhead’s perspective, Evenline can go more Metal if they wanted to. From a Rocker’s perspective, Evenline are fine as they are!

Recommended for fans of: Papa Roach, Alter Bridge and Nickelback.

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