The Weeping Willow is a Lebanese Death Metal band who started in 1996 with Garo, Clement(ex-guitarist) and Geno . At the time the band was known as Opposites and played black metal influenced by Emperor, Naglfar, Dissection Several members joined later on to complete the line-up(1998) At this time The bands name changed from Opposites to The Weeping Willow , several songs were done and a couple of gigs performed. Some of the band's influences are Deicide, Unleashed, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel... Read more on

After more than a year without any performance, 4 albums…. 10 years+ of growling and Death Metal!

The beast rages on!

  • Date / Time / Location

Friday April 25th 2014 / 9 PM / Yukunkun, Gemmayze

  • Entrance Fees

10$ Entrance (You get an original Impale album)

Beer sells for 5,000 L.L