Beehoover are a German two-piece band (Ingmar, bass and vocals, Claus, drums). After trying to form a normal four piece band: bass, drums, guitar, singer, they failed to find a suitable guitarist and vocalist. From the outset, they wanted the bass to be the leading instrument and a guitar to enhance it, but it didn't work out. The first demo in 2004 featured three tracks with an additional vocalist they had finally found. After this the bassist and drummer decided not to have a separate singer. Read more on

Doom Metal… Stoner Rock?! whatever! It is great music. Another album by Beehoover coming soon. got the chance to review the album before its release, not because we are super men but because we (Rami) love the band and could not wait for the release. Thank you Beehoover!

Here is the review:

Beehoover’s “Heavy Zoo” is the album which got me into Beehoover and its mood is still in every track here. This new album has even better quality when it comes to creativity and mood changes. Something changed in the Bass guitar sound, a heavier sound, muddier, much more stoner than it was before.

The band announced that they will be releasing 8 tracks (check the list below) so three other tracks remain unreleased but I must mention that tracks 4/6/8 are short yet pretty good tracks which will most probably be included as bonus tracks.

1- Monolith
2- Egoknights and Firearks
3- Rooftop
5- Boy vs. Tree
7- Morning Sun
9- Dear Mammoth
10- My Mixtapes Suck Big Time
11- Honeyhole

Monolith” is a great intro for the album with its amazing riffs. What must be done is listening to the album on quality earphones and not laptop tiny speakers; only then you can be transported into the music. Second track “EgoKnights and Firearks” has that catchiest simple riff and the drums just keep on rolling; this track is a pain in the neck! “The Rooftop” does not much excite the listener, I find it a weak track… just kidding, again this track keeps you moving.

Track 5 “Boy vs. Tree” starts with a tribal beat along the bass guitar heavy noise, slows things down at first to take you to the tree… Beehoover seems to have perfected their music and the vocals along it.

Track 7 “Morning Sun” is back to heavy doom at start, the work of Claus on this one is perfect. I think Beehoover should feature a Growling singer in one of their tracks. Oh ,and the guitar riff which comes later is so “Rock” that it cannot fit the Doom, but it does!

I loved Track 9 “Dear Mammoth“. Ingmar almost growling there… more like an ogre scream. The flow of bass and drum just keeps on going there, above all the cymbal work is most noticed, Claus seems to have a distinctive style on drums especially when it comes to the cymbals.

Track 10 “My Mixtapes Suck Big Time” seems to be the most experimental at start and it runs fast. Again some growling on this one and more experimental drumming with some time signature play. I think Beehoover should try covering a 70’s Rock track. Why not add some Classic Rock into Beehoover’ Stoner Rock. Those are good mixtapes, the bass guitar seems to play on several layers and is actually perfected with the drum beat. (Need/Urge to see the band Live)

Ending track “Honey Hole” has a long slow intro where the instruments join step by step leading to a climax. It’s the perfect track for an album closure.

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