Cronian is a progressive/avant-garde metal band from Norway and Sweden founded in 2004 by Vintersorg a.k.a. Andreas Hedlund (Vintersorg, Borknagar, Otyg, Fission, Havayoth, Waterclime) and Øystein G. Brun (Borknagar, Molested). The band's music is heavily symphonic with drum programming, combining melodic singing and harsh vocals, all aiming to create a very cold and cinematic feeling. Official Homepage: Read more on

Cronian has released 2 albums, “Enterprise” being their latest back in 2008 ; so why Enterprise? Simply because the band expanded their sound and improved the album’s sound quality and therefore will appeal more to the fans who appreciate the experimental sounds but also would like to have an extraordinary listening experience, not just lame fading sounds of instruments and failing quality that worsens the creativity of the actual music.

Cronian is a Norwegian side project created by 2 members only who happen to have some similar musical point of views aside from their respective bands and mutual band (Borknagar).

“Well, Cronian is a result of our good friendship and our mutual passion for making music. We have been talking about this for quite some time and our intention was to make a concept that fulfilled our “musical hunger.” We simply wanted to create something that triggered the best in us as musicians, not technically but emotionally. So we are both the right persons for the band” – Oystein G. Brun


Cronian’s music is a bit industrial (not Fear Factory style but the programmed drums and synths will set that mood), a bit cold (not Draconian style but the melody is sometimes saddening, mainly because of the main lyrical topics which are nature and near death experiences), contains lots of metal material and will surely appeal to most of music fans who like catchy music that can be listened to on all occasions.

“… in Cronian you find a fine blend of musical styles. Of course we have the standard elements from our metal background, but there is a tension to it that we feel is very unique. Generally I would say that the music is very visual, maybe it could work as a movie soundtrack if you stripped away the metal elements.” -Oystein G. Brun

I can certainly say that this album has become one of my all-time favorite metal albums simply because it really is a very catchy and ‘different’ piece of work than any of the stuff that are smashing the charts. This is perhaps the music of the future! Acoustic parts, great guitar riffs, catchy vocal lines / melody and weird yet warm vibes: this is Cronian.


  • Members

Andreas Hedlund (a.k.a. Vintersorg) – Vocals, bass, keyboard.Øystein Brun – Guitar, drum programming.

Label: Indie Recordings (Norwegian)

  • Review

    Both songs (“Cirque” and “End(durance) Part II”) show the musicians’ shared love for soundtracks. I could consider both as opening tracks for albums but the placement of these songs (Cirque > midspot and End(durance) Part II as the final song) suggests an idea of separating the album into parts:

Before “Cirque” and After “Cirque”.

  • Before Cirque

  • Diamond Skies

Great opening for the album, aggressive yet artistic in a way which is appropriate for the first-time listener who will be drawn to explore the album on a deeper level. Rating: 4.5/5

  • Arcades

Again another catchy song for the band with good instrumentation and melody; a lovely midpart of the song will introduce the listener to the Cronian method of composing music, to be heavily supported later on in the “After Cirque” part. Rating: 4/5

  • Nine Waves

Good ‘soundtrack’-ish intro with the guitar work but this song won’t satisfy the non-experienced listener, but is surely recommended after many listens since it changes moods regularly. Rating: 3.5/5

  • Project Hibernation

One of the heavy songs on the album, still a bit experimented with, keeping an overall dreamy mood of course, not to disrupt the album’s general ‘nature’-alistic flow. Rating: 4/5


  • After Cirque

  • Deportation

A heavy melodic one with majestic background keys and soaring vocals (growls, narrative, screams, clean). A fine example of Cronian’s musical depth that is. I have to say that the flow of the song is simply amazing and for that Cronian have my utmost respect, for the lovely musical journey that they offer. (to be listened to with depth/observing details) Rating: 5/5

  • Moving Panorama

An ambient mood gets quickly abrupt by fast pedals and growling black-ish vocal, interesting melody and orchestration. Again the Cronian mood is introduced right there in the song’s midpoint, so make sure to pay attention at the multi-layers of melody and most importantly the artistic and progressive flow of catchy music that speaks of near death experiences and nature. Rating: 4.5/5

  • The Encounter

Starts off with screams and a promising mood setting, kudos to the drumming as well (well programmed). The dreamy like atmosphere will grow on first-time listeners, to become an important asset of the band along with the great growly vocals. Impressive guitar work on this one as well >Again a great musical encounter this is. Rating: 4.5/5

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