The 21st century has certainly ushered a great range of widely celebrated bands. However, one of those bands remains somewhat under-appreciated considering its

Musical achievements so far. The Canadian band Into Eternity took off in 1997. And after an independent album release, it took things to a different level in 2000 signing up with Century Media Records.


It’s difficult to place Into Eternity under a specific Metal Genre. They seem to have it all. From fast Guitar riffs to well carved acoustic ballads. And to top it off, since their beginnings, they have had a share of leading vocalists with abilities that stand out and bring back the Rob Halford (Judas Priest) feel back to the modern scene.

Currently on lead vocals is Stu Block whose vocal work you can check out on both “The Scattering of the Ashes” (2006) and “The Incurable Tragedy” (2008) is guaranteed to give you the good old Power Metal chills.

Even with only one member from the original lineup, they seem to have maintained their original Musical concept leaving some room for evolution and growth.

Withstanding a chance of a near break-up clearly shows that these guys are here to stay. For those of you who enjoy Metal with Progressive influences, or perhaps Melodic Death Metal, or even those of you who are more “old school” and 80’s Thrash Metal when it comes to their “cup of tea”, this is definitely your band.