Since LebMetal are covering the Back to the Roots 3 event this week, here’s an interview with JP Haddad (vocals/guitars) regarding Kimaera’s performance at the event.

  • Will the band be playing any covers whatsoever? Anathema perhaps?

Not really, we are sticking to only originals from the first and upcoming album!

  • The band is well experienced in the scene, do you usually look forward to big events like these?

Of course. It is always a pleasure to play live, especially in big concerts like ‘Back to the Roots’, and with some of the best local bands, so m sure it will be a blast.

  • What do you guys think about the organizing, sound system, and overall vibe before the event on Friday?

Well the organizers are experienced in this field apparently, it is not their first event, and they have proved their quality work in the previous concerts, so let’s hope all go well for us and them!

  • After your last album ‘Ebony Veiled’ came out, one can notice that the band is growing more and more in the local metal scene and elsewhere. Do you feel that the local scene didn’t support and appreciate the band’s efforts?

‘Ebony Veiled’ left a big impact on both the local and the international scene if u check what has been written about us especially in the international press over these past few years. It has even been described as one of the best doom metal releases for 2006, among other excellent reviews. And our fan base has grew big and solid.

So the problem here, is that we dont have a ‘big, decent & organized’ metal scene, and most of the bands weren’t tight enough and supporting each other, besides the lack of media/press concerned in metal music.

But now things are changing, all of this made the bands realize that something should be done concerning Metal in Lebanon, and that’s why we formed ‘The Lebanese Rock society’. First, to get the bands closer to each other, create a certain friendship or brotherhood between them, and try to ‘elevate’ the scene and make it worthy of being called a Metal scene.

  • Any last words for Kimaera fans to ponder about?

First I want to thank them for being such a dedicated and supportive crowd through the years, and Friday, we and them, shall Doom Tantra.

Thank you Patrick, and keep it up!