This is one great metalcore album by one of the first Melodic death metal influenced underground metalcore bands , with a concentrated amount of rage driven melodic riffs (and a one hell of a thrash metal twist), along with face melting guitar solos , rich lyrical themes and great production.

The album starts with a revolutionary humanitarian feel, the track Doomsayer (The beginning of the end) kicks in with a calm harmonious acoustic duo, before the hit of a silence shattering transitional riff that pauses for 4 seconds where the lead singer starts singing (Using fry technique) and then it all sticks together for a perfect album intro. The song features vocals that signalize suffering and sadness, with distorted cold riffs, along with soft yet technical solos/licks!


The 2nd track “Sanctuary” breaks in with a heavier riff showing the progressive anatomy of the album where it all starts calm and goes heavier and heavier, featuring group singing, devastating melodic riffs and rage lyrics.

The 3rd track “Demon(s)” brings back the humanitarian feel the first song offers (lyrics), but this time,with a trippy intro lick before the melodies kick in, some group singing as well and great emotional/dreamy riffs, and a very remarkable technical yet harmonious sweep based mastered solo after one of the most melodic bridges in the history of metalcore.

The 4th track “An Ethereal Drain” is tricky as it starts with a riff that has an evil twist, along with harsh vocals and one monotonous heavy riff, but that wouldn’t last, as the song starts to reach its melodic edge second by second, and it gives us such a glorious epiphany when we find out that all this harmony was just a prelude for one of the most technical shred/sweep solos on the album, and afterwards, the outro riff breaks softer for a cold end.

The 5th track “A paradox with flies” is one of the most sad songs on the album, for it contains a great catchy clean chorus. Besides, the song starts with an epically emotional clean guitar intro, then emotional riff progressions kick in during all of the song to reach the peak where the outro breaks in suddenly and brings back the intro’s calm/sad status.

The 6th track “The light at the edge of the world” is the song in the right middle of the album,the shortest on the album, its one dreamy instrumental where you hear random and deep babbling all along, with trippy effects and licks that stimulate sinister emotions.

The 7th track “Stand and receive your judgment” starts with a devastating thrash power riff, and that riff determines a new order of the album, where it all suddenly goes wilder and “grimmer”, featuring high pitched harsh vocals and pure thrash metal influenced riffs and drum lines and one hell of a dissonant shredding solo.

The 8th track “Tunguska” is personally my favorite track, since it shows one big harmony between the two guitarists of the band where it all sticks together for a metalcore masterpiece with the best melodic riffs and calm acoustic parts playing the role of a bridge for an epic solo (one of the best solos i had heard in my life)

The 9th track “Fire in the skies” is a good song on the album, with a concentrated amount of the typical type of technical metalcore riffs and fry vocals along with break beats and melodic sweep solos.

The 10th track “Closing on the day” has a happy twist for it contains riffs based on major notes with an uplifting chorus and a fast upbeat solo.

The 11th track “Full imperial collapse” is a unique song since its one hell of a grim piece with a basic hardcore power riff and punk-ish drum line along with an unusual weird dissonant solo.

The last track “Deliver us” is a 5 minutes mixture of metalcore and thrash metal, many things can be remarkable on this track, the first thing is that the drum lines during the solo are GREAT and the second remarkable thing is the solo itself,it sounds enormously clean and melodic (an epic sweeping masterpiece), and the third remarkable thing is a cool vocal technique that goes between fry and clean singing, it consists of screaming and singing definite notes at the same time, it’s the Fire technique, used by many metal bands such as Adagio, The Human Abstract, Avenged Sevenfold and its usually used to express rage and sadness at one time and on an equal scale.